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Traveling in 2015 – 3 New Ways to Travel

Traveling in 2015 – 3 New Ways to Travel

Adventurous travelers are always looking for a new experience, and 2015 will bring some exciting opportunities to the travel scene. Check out some of the hottest trends in the travel industry below:

Cruises in the Far East

Photo: SXC contributor SkawimpMost cruisers have thoroughly explored destinations like coastal Europe, the Caribbean and America’s Pacific Coast. Now, many cruise lines are expanding their service to include exotic Far East itineraries.

Cruise enthusiasts looking for a new experience will be able to enjoy river cruises on the Mekong, trips into Cambodia and other exotic locales.

(Photo Credit: skawimp)


Plugged-In Travel

When we’re at home, our favorite electronic devices are always at hand. Savvy travel companies are making the most of that by allowing their guests to stay plugged in during their forays into far away places. Cruise ships are increasingly offering wifi onboard. Airlines provide free streaming movies and TV shows during flights. And, say goodbye to paper tickets. Many companies are creating apps that allow easy online check-in and bookings for excursions right from your phone.

Pop-Up Hotels

One of the most unusual 2014 travel ideas is the pop-up hotel. These are modular buildings that are assembled for a short period and then moved to a new destination. Design Hotels has created peaceful yoga ashrams in Bali and Rome. Pop-Up and Snoozebox create one-of-a-kind lodging experiences throughout the UK.

Accommodations come in all shapes. One company created luxury tents on the grounds of what was once English royalty’s summer estate. Other companies are putting up guests in everything from converted shipping containers to silver Airstreams to yurts. Fans rave about the unique experiences and the reduced environmental footprint that pop-ups provide.

Where will 2014 take you? The sky’s the limit with this year’s travel trends.

Scott Fish

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