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Tourism Association Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO, Content, Site Design, Social Media, Membership Management, Digital Strategy

During 6 years we provided digital marketing strategy for the New England Inns & Resorts association located in Massachusetts.  The association promotes small inns and resorts across the New England region, acting as a CVB or destination marketing association and receives funding from it’s members.  The majority of our work with NEIRA included SEO, Content strategy, technical website strategy, and social media. Our goal was to increase the number of people seeing NEIRA’s members on their website and ultimately convert  those visitors into leads for the hotels that are association members.  The tourism association marketing strategy was two pronged with one part being geographically focused content and the second part being the ‘things to do’ segment where we created new content around family friendly events, weddings and events, fall foliage, and other regionally important topics.

During a 5-year stretch, NEIRA consistently increased the total number of leads generated for their – several hundred members – by at least 21%.  Additionally, they saw an increase in SEO driven traffic each year and for each of the 6 New England states.  NEIRA also invited Scott Fish, the founder of 32° digital to speak at their annual members conference, providing valuable information about digital marketing as a benefit for their members.


SEO, Content Strategy, Analytics, Reporting, Social Media

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Tourism Social Media Strategy

We created a social media strategy that connected with potential visitors to the New England region. Through Facebook organic posting and paid boosted posts we created an ecosystem that fed newsletter signup and website conversions. Finding the right voice for the association and matching the right voice for the member hotels was important to our success.

Travel Industry Search Engine Optimization

The New England region reaches visitors from all over the world seeking a unique travel experience. We created an SEO campaign that captured visitors seeking to travel to the New England states and that were looking for unique experiences that are either family focused, romantic, unique, pet friendly, fall foliage focused and many more.

Travel Industry Paid Search Campaign

NEIRA market segment is huge and targeting the right people at the right time when they are searching for travel information was key in keeping their Google Adwords campaign cost per visitor & lead low. We accomplished this for several years.

Local Travel Marketing Campaign

Once visitors arrived on the website, sharing the right information and moving them into the right funnel was key in driving leads to NEIRA's partners. We worked with NEIRA to ensure that visitors from state pages, things to do pages, and other areas were moved through the conversion funnel effectively.

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Member Based Tourism Association Internal Communications
Internal Member Communications Drove Increase in Membership

In addition to drive qualified leads for members we were also tasked with creating a membership marketing plan and messaging strategy.  It was important to let the NEIRA members know how they were doing – some were more engaged and active in viewing their member reporting dashboard, while others needed to be shown the information in a different way.

We created monthly content that talked about the SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Content marketing that was being completed in an effort to promote the New England region.  Additionally we worked with the executive team to create educational workshops at the annual membership conference.  These workshops established strong relationships within this tourism association and gave members direct access to experts in the digital marketing industry.

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We help brands find and cultivate the best digital channels to successfully forge meaningful relationships with customers.

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We help brands find and cultivate the best digital channels to successfully forge meaningful relationships with customers.
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