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Independent Hotel Marketing Strategies

Independent Hotel Marketing Strategies

When you run an independent hotel, you don’t have access to the same instant name recognition or giant marketing budget that the national chains do. Independents require a different set of hotel marketing strategies. Check out a few independent hotel marketing strategies for your unique, boutique, and local hotel:

Independent Hotel Marketing Strategies – Word of Mouth Works!

When guests tell you how much they enjoyed their stay with you, ask them to tell their friends. People trust their friends’ recommendations. This sort of independent hotel marketing has the advantage of authenticity, and has more weight than any ad campaign.

You can also urge happy guests to share their experiences on review sites. Many people consult these when deciding where they would like to stay during a trip. Just make sure that you do not ask for positive reviews; many sites view this as rigging the system, and will delete reviews that they feel were solicited or dishonest.  If you do receive negative reviews, ensure that you have a plan to respond and make changes within your organization.

Use Social Media

Pinterest and Instagram are great for posting attractive pictures of your hotel and attractions in the surrounding area. Facebook lets you reach out to past and prospective guests. An attractive website with a frequently-updated blog means that you show up higher in search engine results and are more likely to be seen by future guests.

The character of an independent hotel is different from a large chain, so, boutique hotel marketing strategies are different, as well. Use these platforms to show what sets your hotel apart. Demonstrate your hotel’s unique attributes. Showcase features such as one-of-a-kind rooms or special amenities such as complimentary breakfast or bike rentals. By sharing all of this, you can evoke the romance of a getaway and capture new guests.

Consider Hiring a Consultant

Sometimes, you are too close to your business to develop the best marketing plan. An independent marketing consultant can look at your independent hotel business from the outside and make marketing recommendations.

The most important thing to remember is that grassroots marketing is an ongoing process. It takes consistent social media updates and ongoing interactions with guests to make inroads. But, over time, these hotel marketing ideas will pay off in increased awareness and happy, new guests.



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