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Winery Digital Marketing

effective marketing strategies for wineries

32° digital’s CRUSH WINE TOURISM program is built for wineries that want to stand out in their market locally and successfully sell nationwide.  Whether you’re interested in being noticed nationally or build your targeted local email marketing list and club memberships, we have the experience to quickly get you up to speed.

Our digital marketing agency for the wine industry combines experience and passion for a quickly changing industry.  We work with small boutique wineries and large national winery businesses that need to create conversion focused websites, engage with their consumers and build a brand.

We Crush It.

Winery Search Engine Optimization Strategy
SEO Campaigns For Wineries

Winery SEO is competitive and it’s fun because it’s constantly changing!  That’s why we love it! Just like the chemistry of your wine changes quickly, so does the technical and on page optimization strategies that it takes to rank well in Google.

We initially will perform an audit of your existing website and establish a list of keywords that are the best to target in order to bring in new customers.  Our audit includes technical functions such as looking at 301 redirects, Meta Data, Google Analytics Integration, Website organization etc.  The second part of our audit looks at on page optimization of your winery website. The important elements that we evaluate include content effectiveness, internal linking, content organization with respect to on page content, image & video optimization, etc.

Local map optimization for your winery is important – especially as voice search continues to grow.  When a visitor is looking for the next winery to visit on an afternoon, we help you be front-and-center in their search results. We also work with you to build out our Google Local Business listing so that you take up more space in a search result, drawing more attention to your winery.

Google Analytics set up is an important part of our audit process, we want to know that your winery is receiving traffic from the right geographic areas and the right digital marketing channels.

Winery Social Media Marketing Strategies
Connect With Customers & Grow Wine Club Membership

Social media marketing for wineries can be complex depending on how you use social media and how much time you have to manage it.  We take the daily management of social media for your winery off your hands and manage it professionally with a results driven focus.  Facebook tends to be one of the best places for marketing a winery on social media platforms, along with Instagram and Pinterest.  All platforms offer their own advantages but being present where your customers are active is key.

A social media audit of your winery’s presence and assets is where we start. Then we work with you to create a strategy that fits your goals – if you want to grow your brand, grow your foot traffic, grow your DTC sales, wholesale sales, or gain wine club members – we can help.

Creating an editorial calendar for your winery is important as it establishes some cadence that your audience will come to expect.  We will work with you to create a calendar that will be used across multiple channels include social media, email marketing, website content, etc.

Finding influencers that will eventually become brand loyalists is an excellent way to organically grow your social media presence – but sometimes you need a little push to get started – and we know how to get your story and winery in front of the right people.

Google Advertising For Wineries (PPC for vineyards)
Generate more direct to consumer sales through PPC Advertising

Wineries can drive more foot traffic and Direct To Consumer Sales by utilizing Google Adwords.  Pay Per Click (PPC) is an excellent way to augment and add to your marketing strategy when you need an immediate impact with positive sales growth. The advantage of PPC marketing for wineries is that when consumers are searching – you’re in front of them. Plain and simple.   Often a daily budget won’t be exhausted in the off season, and even in the shoulder season.  Your busy season may see more searches being performed by consumers and a more competitive landscape in Google Adwords.  We help wineries navigate through managing their PPC Budget effectively.

We create campaigns from scratch, take over existing Adwords campaigns, integrate with social media platforms, create campaigns that target searches and visitors reading articles through the content network.  We establish strong ad copy that drives better click throughs and drives visitors deeper into a website, to where they are most interested in reading content or converting into a newsletter sign up. We optimize landing pages for wineries that will provide a better user experience and convert better.  We create enhanced Adwords campaigns with extensions. We create and manage Remarketing for wineries that integrates with Facebook, email marketing, and Adwords.

Our expertise in creating winery email marketing strategies goes as deep as your vines.
Let's create an Email Marketing strategy.
Email Marketing Strategies For Wineries
Establish an email marketing campaign that grows your wine club membership.

An email marketing program is one of the most cost effective and highest ROI producing activities that a winery can use.

Understanding how consumers interact with email and what they expect from a company that sends an email is important.  Today, consumers that give you their email address expect a very targeted message and offering.  If you can deliver on their expectations, you will have great open rates, increased click through rates and an exceptional return on investment.

We are well versed in many different email platforms including MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, HubSpot, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Pardot, Emma, Campaigner, Zoho, Infusionsoft, Drip, and Wix.

We believe in using email as a tool to activate customers, communicate to them more effectively, reactivate previous customers, and expand current customers. Direct To Consumer digital marketing must include an email marketing strategy and we work with you to create one that returns a positive ROI and leaves a lasting impression with your customers.

Winery Website Development
Custom built website for your winery that drives leads.

Working with us means that you get value. With over 18 years of website development experience, we know how to tell the right story to the right person in creative ways.  We work with any platform that you’re currently with or can recommend a platform that will work with your redesign project – we love WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Magento, and many more!

Staying up to date on the latest SEO strategies allows us to build websites that will last a long time and can easily be updated as new technologies and requirements become needed.

Responsive websites are a requirement and we ensure that your website has the different features and design elements to look great on any device.

Ecommerce Integration is important for a winery owner or tasting room manager.  We’ll work with you to determine your ecommerce needs and find the right solution that fits your time and budget.

Features include website content, email integration, events management, video, photos gallery, news and recipes content, blog section, contact forms, social media integration and promotion, and many other important design elements.

We create brand building and revenue generating digital marketing campaigns for the winery industry.