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Haunted & Historic Stanley Hotel

Digital Marketing Strategy For Hotels

The Stanley Hotel located in Colorado is a uniquely situated hotel that includes a haunted past and historical significance.  The hotel is home to ghosts that drive hotel guests year around to attend ghost hunts and attend parties themed around the movie The Shining.

Our historic hotel marketing strategy was centered around 2 important elements: 1. SEO and Content and 2. Pay Per Click Advertising in Google.  The SEO & Content strategy allowed the site to be optimized for year-round lead driving keywords.  It also positioned the hotel to capture attention and allowed for stories to be written by news organizations about the hotels haunted past.

The Google AdWords campaign focused on immediate lead driving opportunities. As the hotel moved to a more direct booking strategy, capturing their own bookings instead of utilizing OTA’s, we successfully reduced the cost per acquisition of new hotel bookings over 1 year by 31%.


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