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SEO Strategies For Hotel Websites – How To Win Local SEO

SEO Strategies For Hotels

SEO Strategies For Hotel Websites – How To Win Local SEO

Tourism and Hotel SEO Strategies

With the breakthrough of the modern technologies, traveling has become more convenient and more accessible to millions of travelers around the world. Online hospitality marketing has become increasingly important as millions of people worldwide use the Internet to search for the best short-term accommodation every day.

More and more holidaymakers are choosing to book their accommodation directly with hotels, resorts, and BNB owners, which makes tourism and hotel SEO strategies more important than ever.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to all the processes and steps you take to improve your website ranking in relevant searches. Practices such as Internet marketing, keywords, site organization, copywriting, and content creation are all to be taken into account when planning your online hospitality marketing, as they are all closely entwined with SEO and have an indirect impact on your travel website’s rankings.

Why is SEO Important for Tourism and Hotels?

SEO enables you to improve your website ranking factors and show up higher in searches. This is very important because studies have shown that, for example, the top result in a Google search gets about 33 percent of clicks. For the second result, this percentage drops to around 17 percent. And those on page two barely get 1 to 5 percent of clicks.

Furthermore, SEO is cost-effective. It is less expensive than advertising and other marketing methods. A good SEO will increase your online hotel marketing the same way a paid ad would – it will bring you the same number of bookings that you would get through TV ads, for example.

With that in mind, there are some best SEO practices to apply that will significantly increase your chances to rank higher for a particular search term and boost your organic traffic. This applies whether it is a bed and breakfast marketing, hotel marketing or resort marketing strategies that we are talking about.

Write Keyword-Rich, Appropriate Content

One of the best strategies to improve your hospitality marketing is to create relevant content rich with the keywords you are targeting. The main component of SEO is using the right keywords. Get a blog and keep it updated to promote your hotel or bed and breakfast marketing.

Additionally, update your page titles and meta descriptions – this also gives you an opportunity to use the targeted keywords. Do an extensive keyword research and add the keywords through your website – from your page titles to copywriting.

However, don’t overload your content with keywords. Google doesn’t appreciate this and your potential visitors will just get confused.

Authoritative Link Building – Creating Content to Gain Links

To scale your online hotel marketing strategy, make sure to acquire as many links pointing to your site from different websites, because the more talked about your website is, the more likely Google will rank it in the top.

Link building may involve different strategies, such as creating viral content that naturally attracts links or directly asking for links. Never buy links, however, as this is against Google’s Terms of Service.

Create Strong Social Media Presence

The more your travel content gets shared, the higher are the chances for your page to rank higher. A great deal of website traffic is generated through social media, so your website with plenty of shared content will be perceived as more relevant. Thus presenting the right type of posts to social media audience can significantly increase your online hospitality marketing.

Finally, wisely choose your SEO partners. Search engine optimization takes time and dedication. Avoid SEO companies that promise the top rankings in a short time. Make sure to work with SEO specialists who established a good reputation and high ratings.

Increasing your hospitality marketing can be cost-effective, yet successful. You just need to follow practical SEO guidelines, make a good plan and be determined to reach new guests and have your hotel fully occupied.


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