Reputation Management For Athletes

24 Feb 2014

Online reputation management services should be a part of any rising or established athlete’s arsenal. As any athlete knows, the best defense is a good offense. Develop a strong reputation management strategy online to head off negative publicity before it ever starts.

Cream Floats to the Top

The best time to think about reputation management is before you have one to manage. Develop a strong reputation management strategy by establishing a positive online persona. Create a present on every applicable social media forum: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other outlets where your fans go. Post often, and post positive.

If your schedule does not permit you to keep up a stream of updates, consider hiring a reputation management firm to help with social media reputation management. What is social media management? It is simply assuring that your social media presence is active and portrays you in a positive light. Social media managers can post inspiring updates, photos, and questions that spawn positive interactions with fans.

This is not just important for establishing a narrative and developing loyal fans. It ensures that these pages are the first ones that will show up in search engines when someone looks for you. Most people never go past page one of Google results. If you can own the top results, you have much more control over your own narrative.

If Negative Issues Occur

When negative press occurs, it is important to deal with it quickly. Stories spread online with lightning speed, and the unwary can quickly end up with a damaged reputation.

But, there are wrong and right ways to handle negativity on the Internet. First, never directly respond to negative posts on Twitter or Facebook. Especially, do not fire back with angry words. This can only make matters worse.

Instead, consider the services of a reputation management firm. Look specifically for firms that handle athlete management and sports crisis management to ensure that you are in experienced hands. Because they are not emotionally involved, they can make the necessary decisions and recommendations to help protect your reputation online and in the outside world.

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