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Senior Care Business Marketing & SEO Strategies

Senior Care Business Marketing & SEO Strategies

Senior Care Marketing Strategies

The adult care and senior care industry is very locally focused and personal connections are an important 3rd party validation point for customers see. Local senior care or in-home care franchise marketing must use some of the principals of effective Local SEO in order to be successful.

Do you know your senior care services keywords?

Searches in Google are getting more direct and to the point – people are searching for services that they want in their local area. Whether they are on their phone, laptop or tablet, they will receive localized search results and knowing which keywords are most frequently searched is a great place to start.

We recommend breaking your keyword data into 3 segments – the first being generalized searches, that will target someone that thinks they know what they are looking for but may not know the technical terms for the senior care service. The second should be specific services for senior care and the difference between in home senior care, senior living and medical versus non-medical. The third segment should be local, service, and price focused – targeting people that are in the decision making mode is important here! Once you know your keywords that are important for customer’s searching, then do an audit of your site to see where there are any gaps either in content that does not include your keywords or keywords that are being used incorrectly within content. Google does care about how content is organized and if you have a relatively flat site, some reorganization makes sense. The concept of a Barnacle Page makes a lot of sense in today’s SEO strategy tool belt – having one page that is the cornerstone with barnacle pages that support it is a good local strategy.

Do have the right content for effectively marketing you in home care services?

Once you know your keywords, starting to develop the right content is key for a strong local SEO strategy. Content can be on your home page, in your services pages, on your blog or elsewhere – no matter where it is, it’s important to have! Breaking out content into segments where 3-5 keywords cover that content piece is a good strategy, and where you have 2nd level or 3rd level pages supporting your content, you tend to do well in search results. Internal linking helps build strong page authority and key elements such as your Title tags are of course needed. Once you have created great content for your senior care service business, don’t forget to promote it! Whether you use social media, email, blog posting, or other channels, promotion of your content is the part that makes it work and be seen.

If you’re interested in talking about SEO strategys for your local in home senior care business, contact us.

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Scott Fish

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