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Hospitality Marketing Services That Capture Customers

Hospitality Marketing Services That Capture Customers

What does it take for a hotel to hire a great hospitality internet marketing company? Can the agency deliver a strong hospitality digital marketing strategy that will drive new business and sales?  In order to win in hospitality marketing, a hotel must have a strong integrated marketing plan that includes SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Hospitality

SEO for hotels should be approached in two ways – local and non-local.   A local SEO strategy for hotels needs to take into account the drive market, that is people that are within a few hours of the hotel and can easily travel for a weekend getaway.  Non-local hotel strategies are typically part of a strong strategy to capture tourism revenue. For those that are traveling from far away, your hotel may be competing on price, proximity to things to do, and overall experience. These factors make a huge difference in the viability and success of your Hotel SEO campaign – in fact looking at your SEO campaign as a conversion funnel makes a lot of sense.

Those visitors whom have no idea where they want to travel to, what they want to do, and ultimately do not know about your hotel – are at the top of the funnel. In the middle of the funnel we have visitors that may know where they want to visit and now they are shopping on price and other factors. And finally, towards the bottom of the funnel we have visitors that are ready to travel and they are making their final decision. Each of these areas of the conversion funnel provides a different opportunity for optimizing your hotel’s website – each also presents its own set of competitive challenges.

Pay Per Click (PPC) For Hospitality

Paid search can be a significant driver of immediate sales for a hotel – in fact some of the highest ROI activities that a hotel can do is to use paid search to drive branded traffic directly to a landing page that converts well. A PPC strategy for hotels needs to include branded search terms – as much as it may seem like an odd strategy, it provides an opportunity for your visitors to be drive into a page that converts them quickly.  Non-branded PPC traffic is valuable – and often can have a higher Cost Per Click (CPC), especially for the broader travel and geographic keyword phrases.  Testing out how specific a keyword must be in order to drive a positive ROI in sales is a great strategy. Keep in mind that even though a keyword doesn’t convert last click sales, it may start the sales conversion funnel, and should not be discounted without looking into your conversion data.

Social Media Marketing For Hospitality

Social media for hotels can provide different opportunities to connect with potential customers. Often times we see hotels running contests, giving away rooms or vacations as a way to draw customers in.  While these do work, we like different approaches to a social media campaign where we present customers with authentic experiences that they organically will share on social media platforms. Paid social media strategies for hotels such as Facebook advertising can be a great way to capture very specific guest profiles due to Facebook’s ability to hyper target different demographics and interest groups.

Hospitality Marketing Strategies With Long Term Value

Hospitality marketing strategies are quickly changing and being able to keep your hotel ranking well in Google, in front of visitors with PPC, and engaged with users on Social Media continues to be an important revenue driver for your hotel.

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