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Digital Degree of Success Using Hotel Reviews

Digital Degree of Success Using Hotel Reviews

med_Pano_obzor_1First hand accounts of a stay at a hotel are gold. They can tell consumers exactly what they can expect if they were to stay at your hotel. Now, that’s if they’re good reviews. Bad reviews can have a huge negative effect, especially if they’re in popular review website locations such as TripAdvisor and Google. My final mistake is last for a reason – its probably the last thing that people want to think about or deal with. Who wants to deal with a bad review? Especially, when there’s really not much that you CAN do to deal with it online.

Well, there is something that you can do. Each review is like a personalized note to each employee at the hotel telling them about the things that they’re doing well, or not doing so well. Online hotel reviews should be made visible to hotel employees and not hidden or ignored. They’re a great opportunity to share positive stories and to discover areas of improvement. Not to mention that better reviews DO affect search engine and website rankings, and I see this continuing for the foreseeable future, especially with local and mobile search becoming even more prevalent.

Making reviews part of everyone’s business. Reviews are such an essential part of business in today’s hotel marketing arena that they need to be brought to the forefront. Monthly meetings should include highlights and lowlights with written and online reviews. Make reviews so essential that people are held accountable for reviews.

Scott Fish

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