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Tips For Dentists Responding to Negative Reviews

Tips For Dentists Responding to Negative Reviews

responding to negative reviews for your dentist officeWhen a dentist receives a negative review in Google, Yelp or other 3rd party review sites, it’s often a surprise and it really pulls on the heart. Dentists are in the business of providing a very personal service and any negative response is taken very personally. Just as you may feel in receiving a negative response, the person posting the negative review is feeling equally disappointed.

How do you respond to a negative dental review that says you are a terrible dentist?

Dentists need to translate their personal touch and customer connections from the chair to the keyboard as they respond to a negative review. Responding off-the-cuff is not recommended – take a step back and listen to your customer’s complaint and discover what they are really mad about or disappointed about. Many dentist’s relationships with customers are long term and can span several generations.

You will get a second chance at their business if you treat your customer well by responding in a way that respects that relationship.

Scott Fish

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