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Domain Consulting & Acquisition Services For Startup Businesses

Experience in Domain Name Sales & Acquisition

Domain Strategy Consulting
The domain industry is changing and new GTLD domains are launching at record pace. In the next year we will see over 1,000 new domain extensions launch such as .berlin, .ski, .bike, etc. Each of these new domain extensions provide a new opportunity for marketing professionals to build new online assets to connect with their consumers.

Stealth Domain Acquisition Services
Hotels and Travel Industry organizations face tough competition for good domains that are brandable or geographically significant.
Domain pricing depends on several factors including the traffic that the domain currently receives, the generic nature of the domain ( and the amount of money that the seller believes that they can get from the buyer.

For companies that want to acquire domains but not expose themselves to the factor of being an ‘end user’ with a higher price-tag, we provide stealth domain acquisition services.

Domain Acquisition Services
Our services are very straightforward – we work with you to understand what type of domain or domains you are seeking and then we use our industry contacts and research to find the right domain for your business. We manage the negotiation and the acquisition of the domain through Escrow and deliver the domain to you for an industry average acquisition commission.

Domain Acquisition Experience
Scott Fish, our founder has been involved in the domain industry since 1999 and has sold over $1.7 million in domain names, and acquired over $1 million in domain names. We are experienced in geographic domain names, traffic producing domain names, GTLD domains, and CCTLD domains. Scott has been a speaker at the Associated Cities GEO Domain Conference.