CVB Marketing Strategies

CVB and Chamber of Commerce Marketing

We work with CVBs to build and show more value to their members through digital marketing.

Strategy & Consultancy

Within the local business ecosystem there are endless opportunities to develop a strong marketing program based on gaining new customers and consumers for the region.  Our digital marketing planning for member based organizations brings together constituents, educates members and puts the CVB in a position to share more data about how it’s providing value to members.

CVBs have a very broad list of  online competitors, especially when you consider the many websites  that are heavily targeting consumers within local content.

We work with you to develop a strong content marketing plan, supported by promotional activities that enhance the content’s effectiveness and longevity.  Further, we incorporate content evaluation factors such as accessibility, usability, clarity, brand promise, and sharable aspects.

CVBs tend to have a strong group of hotels that keep an eye of the best digital channels to drive traffic and revenue as part of the hotel marketing strategy.  We will work with hotels within your group to create the best hotel marketing techniques, content strategies, hotel marketing, and hotel video marketing ideas.  We are one of the fastest growing hospitality marketing companies – contact us today to start the conversation.