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Lightspeed Technologies, a leading manufacturer of classroom audio and speaker technology, sought to enhance their market presence and effectiveness in a challenging industry. Their products help teachers present information more effectively and enable students to hear and understand content better. However, the education technology market is crowded, making it difficult to target relevant keywords without attracting unqualified traffic.

We partnered with Lightspeed Technologies to develop a precise SEO strategy aimed at attracting high-quality leads. By refining keyword targeting and crafting compelling Titles and Descriptions, we ensured that visitors to their site were pre-qualified before arrival. This meticulous approach allowed us to guide visitors through a conversion funnel, further qualifying them and enabling the sales team to focus on highly qualified leads.




Advancing Classroom Technology with Lightspeed Technologies

Challenges Teachers Face in Using Classroom Technology

Integration Difficulties

Teachers often face a steep learning curve when integrating new technology into their classrooms. The time required to become proficient can detract from their primary teaching responsibilities. Additionally, existing classroom infrastructure might not always be compatible with new technology, leading to additional challenges in setup and use.

Technical Problems

Frequent technical issues, such as connectivity problems or software glitches, can disrupt the learning process. Teachers may not always have the technical skills or support to troubleshoot effectively. Moreover, dependence on technology means that hardware malfunctions or software crashes can significantly impact lesson plans and classroom activities.

Distraction Potential

While technology can enhance learning, it can also serve as a distraction. Managing student engagement and ensuring that technology is used productively is a constant challenge.

Equity and Access

Not all students have equal access to technology at home, leading to disparities in learning opportunities and outcomes. Ensuring equitable access in the classroom can be difficult. Furthermore, technology needs to cater to diverse learning needs, including those of students with disabilities, making it complex to ensure tech tools are accessible and inclusive.



Website Design & Development

We create websites that connect with your customer in different ways. Our high-conversion designs fill your sales funnel.


We create stories and messaging that allows you to create meaningful relationships with your customers.


Partner with us to

This collaboration with Lightspeed Technologies demonstrates our ability to deliver targeted and effective digital marketing solutions, ensuring that their innovative classroom technology reaches more school districts and supports educators and students globally.

SEO Strategy

Implemented a refined SEO approach to attract relevant traffic and pre-qualify visitors through targeted Titles and Descriptions.

Content Strategy

Developed engaging and relevant content to enhance user experience and improve search engine rankings.

Analytics and Reporting

Provided comprehensive analytics and reporting to track the effectiveness of the SEO and content strategies.

International SEO

Extended the SEO strategy to reach and engage international audiences, expanding Lightspeed Technologies' market reach.

PArtner with us

Creating a More Inclusive Learning Environment with Technology


Elevate Your Classroom Technology Marketing with 32° Digital

Are integration difficulties, technical problems, and the need for inclusivity hindering your success in the classroom technology market? At 32° Digital, we specialize in digital marketing and SEO strategies tailored to help you overcome these challenges and effectively market your educational technology to school districts.

Partner with us to:

  • Simplify Integration: Our user-friendly digital marketing strategies ensure that your products are presented in a way that highlights their ease of use and compatibility with existing classroom infrastructure, reducing the learning curve for teachers.
  • Enhance Reliability: We develop content that emphasizes the durability and robustness of your products, coupled with strong customer support, ensuring that schools recognize the long-term value of your technology.
  • Boost Engagement: Through interactive content and multimedia campaigns, we showcase how your technology can enhance student participation and engagement, making it an attractive choice for educators.
  • Promote Equity and Accessibility: Our SEO and content strategies highlight the inclusivity and affordability of your products, ensuring that your technology is seen as a solution that caters to diverse learning needs and budgets.
  • Increase Visibility: With targeted SEO, market research, and international SEO campaigns, we ensure your products reach the right audiences, driving more leads and sales.

Take the first step towards revolutionizing classroom learning. Contact 32° Digital today to see how our tailored digital marketing solutions can help your educational technology stand out and succeed in the competitive education market.


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    I have worked with Scott and 32 Degrees for 3 years. They handle my SEO and other digital marketing. My best example of how great Scott is at his job is: we took a 3 month break from his services and lost a quarter of our business- needless to say we are back in the fold. Scott is fantastic at what he does and is very conscious of results and will tweak things to make sure we stay top of mind to our existing and potential customers.

    Laura Tunberg, Visiting Angels

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    I met Scott Fish and 32 Degrees Digital a few years ago while he was consulting with the Eola-Amity Hills Winegrower's Association. It was clear that he had the skills I needed to help me upgrade the SEO capability of the website for my small inn, Amity Flats. Over the next several months Scott Scott worked closely with me to analyze and refresh the text on my website. He is easy to work with and knows what he is doing!!

    Barbara Bond, Eola-Amity Hills Winegrowers Association

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    32° Digital may have a chilly name but they are red hot when it comes to SEO. Not only do they dominate the hospitality and winery markets but they also do a phenomenal job with restaurants and tourism sites. What sets them apart? Other than their unique expertise in a very niche market like SEO, they also understand the customer journey for these verticals which helps them to consult their clients on how to improve workflow and culture. If you haven't had a chance to chat with Scott Fish, take the'll be well worth it.

    Brent D Payne,

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    32 Degrees is phenomenal! They helped my organization achieve instant ROI by implementing a focused SEO, PPC and Digital strategy. I can't recommend Scott and his team enough.

    Adam Tucker, Ethos Executive Search Firm