Comprehensive Lead Generation Campaigns for B2B product manufacturers


B2B Marketing Strategies To Build a Sales Funnel

Playtime, a renowned manufacturer of kid-safe and friendly play equipment for public spaces such as malls, airports, and resorts, sought to increase their market presence and generate quality leads.

We developed a robust SEO campaign tailored to 12 different industries where Playtime's equipment could be installed, ensuring a targeted approach to reach the right audience.

Remarkable Results:

Annual Website Traffic Growth: Sustained annual growth in website traffic over six years, significantly increasing the number of potential leads.

$3 Million in Sales Generated: Our strategic digital marketing efforts directly contributed to generating over $3 million in new business for Playtime.




Comprehensive Lead Generation Campaign for B2B

Industry-Focused SEO Campaign

We crafted specialized content targeting keywords and topics relevant to each of the 12 industries, optimizing Playtime's visibility in search engine results. This strategic approach ensured that potential clients within these industries could easily find and engage with Playtime’s offerings.

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Understanding the lengthy sales cycle and the need for multiple touchpoints, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included email marketing campaigns, targeted Facebook ads, and LinkedIn campaigns focusing on specific industries and job titles, enhancing engagement and lead nurturing throughout the sales process.

Long-Term Engagement and Growth

Over the course of six years, our sustained efforts resulted in significant business growth. We successfully generated leads that translated into over $3 million in new business and played a crucial role in retaining and expanding several key customer relationships.



Website Design & Development

We create websites that connect with your customer in different ways. Our high-conversion designs fill your sales funnel.


We create stories and messaging that allows you to create meaningful relationships with your customers.


Partner with us to

Search Engine Optimization: Our focused SEO efforts improved Playtime’s search engine rankings, making them a prominent choice for potential clients searching for play equipment.

Improved Website Speed and Performance: Enhancing website speed and performance ensured a better user experience, contributing to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Lead Generating SEO Rankings: By securing top positions in search results for relevant keywords, we drove consistent, high-quality traffic to Playtime’s website.

International SEO Strategy: We expanded Playtime’s reach beyond local markets, implementing an international SEO strategy to attract global clients.

PArtner with us

This collaboration with Playtime demonstrates our ability to deliver effective digital marketing solutions for B2B clients. By combining targeted SEO, comprehensive content strategies, and multi-channel marketing efforts, we significantly enhanced Playtime’s visibility, drove lead generation, and supported substantial business growth.

Top 3 Challenges B2B Companies Face in Creating a Stronger and More Diverse Sales Pipeline

Identifying and Reaching the Right Target Audience

Challenge: B2B companies often struggle to identify and effectively reach their ideal target audience due to the complexity and diversity of business markets. This can lead to inefficient marketing efforts and wasted resources.

Solution with Digital Marketing:

Data-Driven Audience Segmentation: Utilize advanced analytics and CRM data to segment the target audience based on industry, company size, job title, and behavior. This precise segmentation ensures that marketing efforts are directed towards the most relevant prospects.

Targeted Advertising: Implement targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, Google Ads, and industry-specific websites. Tailor ads to specific audience segments, ensuring that the right message reaches the right people at the right time.

Generating High-Quality Leads

Challenge: Attracting high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers is a significant challenge for B2B companies. Low-quality leads can clog the sales pipeline and reduce overall efficiency.

Solution with Digital Marketing:

Content Marketing and SEO: Create high-quality, informative content that addresses the pain points and needs of the target audience. Optimize this content for search engines to attract organic traffic from potential leads actively seeking solutions.

Lead Magnets and Gated Content:

Offer valuable resources such as whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, and case studies in exchange for contact information. This approach helps capture high-quality leads who are genuinely interested in the products or services offered.

Nurturing Leads Through the Sales Funnel

Challenge: Keeping potential leads engaged and moving them through the sales funnel can be difficult, especially with long B2B sales cycles. Many leads may lose interest or forget about the company if not properly nurtured.

Solution with Digital Marketing:

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation: Use email marketing campaigns to nurture leads with personalized, relevant content. Implement marketing automation tools to send targeted messages based on lead behavior and engagement levels, ensuring continuous and effective communication.

Retargeting Campaigns: Employ retargeting strategies to re-engage visitors who have interacted with the website but have not yet converted. Retargeting ads can remind potential leads of the company's offerings and bring them back to the site to complete their journey.

By addressing these challenges with strategic digital marketing efforts, B2B companies can build a stronger and more diverse sales pipeline, enhancing their ability to attract, engage, and convert high-quality leads into loyal customers.


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    I have worked with Scott and 32 Degrees for 3 years. They handle my SEO and other digital marketing. My best example of how great Scott is at his job is: we took a 3 month break from his services and lost a quarter of our business- needless to say we are back in the fold. Scott is fantastic at what he does and is very conscious of results and will tweak things to make sure we stay top of mind to our existing and potential customers.

    Laura Tunberg, Visiting Angels

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    I met Scott Fish and 32 Degrees Digital a few years ago while he was consulting with the Eola-Amity Hills Winegrower's Association. It was clear that he had the skills I needed to help me upgrade the SEO capability of the website for my small inn, Amity Flats. Over the next several months Scott Scott worked closely with me to analyze and refresh the text on my website. He is easy to work with and knows what he is doing!!

    Barbara Bond, Eola-Amity Hills Winegrowers Association

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    32° Digital may have a chilly name but they are red hot when it comes to SEO. Not only do they dominate the hospitality and winery markets but they also do a phenomenal job with restaurants and tourism sites. What sets them apart? Other than their unique expertise in a very niche market like SEO, they also understand the customer journey for these verticals which helps them to consult their clients on how to improve workflow and culture. If you haven't had a chance to chat with Scott Fish, take the'll be well worth it.

    Brent D Payne,

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    32 Degrees is phenomenal! They helped my organization achieve instant ROI by implementing a focused SEO, PPC and Digital strategy. I can't recommend Scott and his team enough.

    Adam Tucker, Ethos Executive Search Firm