Elevating Non-Profit Visibility and Impact with Google Grant Management.


Transformative Marketing Strategy for Non-Profits

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Oregon chapter sought an innovative approach to engage potential donors and amplify their message about the effects of MS. We partnered with the Oregon chapter to apply for a Google Grant, aiming to leverage this opportunity to enhance their outreach and communication efforts.

Upon successfully securing the Google Grant, we launched a comprehensive campaign that significantly increased their online visibility and engagement. The success of this initiative caught the attention of the national chapter, leading to a broader collaboration. We were entrusted with creating and managing Google Grant campaigns for 44 different chapters across the United States.




Elevating Non-Profit Visibility and Impact with Google Grant Management

Increased Non-Profit Visibility
The Google Grant campaigns dramatically increased the visibility of each chapter, enabling them to reach more people in their communities and beyond.

44 Successful Google Grant Applications
Our expertise and strategic approach resulted in successful Google Grant applications for all 44 chapters, creating a powerful channel for communication and fundraising.



Website Design & Development

We create websites that connect with your customer in different ways. Our high-conversion designs fill your sales funnel.


We create stories and messaging that allows you to create meaningful relationships with your customers.


Partner with us to

This collaboration with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society demonstrates our ability to deliver impactful digital marketing solutions for non-profits. By effectively managing Google Grants and implementing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, we significantly enhanced the visibility and outreach of each chapter, empowering them to further their mission and generate more support from their communities.

Google Grant Campaign Management

We meticulously set up and managed Google Grant campaigns for all 44 chapters, ensuring each campaign was tailored to the specific needs and goals of each local chapter.

Local Paid Search Management

Our targeted paid search strategies maximized the impact of the Google Grants, driving significant traffic and engagement from local communities.

Landing Page Optimization

We optimized landing pages to enhance user experience and conversion rates, ensuring that visitors could easily access relevant information and take action.

Content Strategy for non profits

By developing compelling content that resonated with each chapter’s audience, we effectively communicated the mission and impact of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

PArtner with us

By leveraging a comprehensive digital marketing approach that includes content strategy, SEO, and paid search, non-profits can elevate their awareness and further their mission.

Top 3 Market Challenges Non-Profits Face in Creating a Digital Marketing Campaign

Reaching a Diverse and Dispersed Audience

Challenge: Non-profits often need to engage with a wide-ranging audience that spans different demographics, geographies, and interests. This diversity can make it challenging to create targeted and effective campaigns.

Segmented Marketing: Use data analytics to segment the audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior. Tailor marketing messages and strategies to each segment to ensure relevance and resonance.

Multi-Channel Approach: Leverage various digital channels such as social media, email marketing, and search engine advertising to reach different audience segments effectively.

Building Trust and Credibility in the Digital Space

Challenge: In an era of information overload and digital skepticism, non-profits must work harder to build trust and credibility with their target audience.

Solution: Transparency and Accountability: Regularly share detailed reports and updates on how donations are used and the impact they are making. Transparency can build trust and foster long-term relationships.

Engaging Storytelling: Use compelling stories and testimonials to highlight the non-profit’s mission and successes. Authentic and emotionally resonant content can enhance credibility and trust.

Competing for Attention in a Crowded Digital Landscape

Challenge: The digital space is saturated with content, making it difficult for non-profits to capture and retain their audience’s attention amidst numerous distractions.

Solution: Creative and Impactful Content: Develop unique, high-quality content that stands out and captures the audience’s interest. Use visuals, videos, and interactive elements to make the content more engaging.

Targeted Advertising: Implement targeted digital advertising campaigns using tools like Google Grants and social media ads to reach the audience more effectively. Focus on precise targeting to ensure the message reaches those most likely to engage and support the cause.


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    I have worked with Scott and 32 Degrees for 3 years. They handle my SEO and other digital marketing. My best example of how great Scott is at his job is: we took a 3 month break from his services and lost a quarter of our business- needless to say we are back in the fold. Scott is fantastic at what he does and is very conscious of results and will tweak things to make sure we stay top of mind to our existing and potential customers.

    Laura Tunberg, Visiting Angels

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    I met Scott Fish and 32 Degrees Digital a few years ago while he was consulting with the Eola-Amity Hills Winegrower's Association. It was clear that he had the skills I needed to help me upgrade the SEO capability of the website for my small inn, Amity Flats. Over the next several months Scott Scott worked closely with me to analyze and refresh the text on my website. He is easy to work with and knows what he is doing!!

    Barbara Bond, Eola-Amity Hills Winegrowers Association

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    32° Digital may have a chilly name but they are red hot when it comes to SEO. Not only do they dominate the hospitality and winery markets but they also do a phenomenal job with restaurants and tourism sites. What sets them apart? Other than their unique expertise in a very niche market like SEO, they also understand the customer journey for these verticals which helps them to consult their clients on how to improve workflow and culture. If you haven't had a chance to chat with Scott Fish, take the'll be well worth it.

    Brent D Payne,

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    32 Degrees is phenomenal! They helped my organization achieve instant ROI by implementing a focused SEO, PPC and Digital strategy. I can't recommend Scott and his team enough.

    Adam Tucker, Ethos Executive Search Firm