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Scott Fish Marketing & SEO Experience

Marketing Passion meets professional experience

Scott Fish is the founder of 32° digital, a northwest based digital marketing agency that provides SEO Services in Portland, Oregon, and SEO Services in Vancouver, Washington.  Scott Fish’s marketing passion started when he was in high school – learning how to create websites and build online businesses as a hobby.  Going into college, Fish decided to start an online business selling luxury items online. Stuck with inventory, he had to figure out how to sell those items quickly online – spurring his interest in SEO and PPC.  Successfully managing to make a profit, Fish started to figure out how Google’s algorithm works and that spurred his interest in Search Engine Optimization.  While attending Oregon State University, Fish was part of the Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) Fraternity and played on the Oregon State University Lacrosse team.  During college Fish worked at the Nike employee store in Beaverton, OR and took advantage of that time to learn about the different departments at Nike – spending lunch with many directors, designers, and a few athletes.

In the final years of college, Fish was offered a job at Dotster, one of the early domain name registrars in the industry. In a position as a domain name sales and acquisition manager, Fish learned about the domain name industry, details about how ICANN works, and was able to discover different marketing and traffic generation strategies in the domain industry.   Once the Dotster opportunity started to close up, Fish was offered a position at a Portland SEO company that was in the start-up phase called EngineWorks.  Spending over 8 years at EngineWorks, Fish was involved in many aspects of the business including sales and business development, account management, client services, SEO Strategy, Paid Search Management, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Website Development.  At his high point, Fish managed a team of SEO strategists that focused on content creation, technical SEO, site-wide SEO, and off page SEO.

Fish’s passion in travel marketing began during his time at Engineworks (which was later acquired by Ethology/Tallwave) – working with brands such as VailResorts, Rock Resorts, The Greenbrier, The Stanley Hotel, and other luxury destination resorts.

Fish’s marketing passion lead him to create 32° digital and focus on digital marketing for the tourism and hospitality industry.  The marketing strategies that Fish brings to clients that he works with are strategies that bring results.

In addition to running 32° digital, Fish is involved with several different non-profits around the region.   Fish is on the board of directions for SEMpdx, a Portland based digital marketing organization that shares SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email marketing strategies with the community.  The Oregon Historical Society Cabinet is also a position that Fish holds, showing his passion for history in the northwest.  Fish is also involved with, a Tigard, OR based breast cancer non-profit that serves friends and families of those dealing with breast cancer. During high school Fish learned how to play racquetball and now serves on the board of directors of USA Racquetball and coaches the Reynolds Raiders high school racquetball team.

We help brands find and cultivate the best digital channels to successfully forge meaningful relationships with customers.
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We help local businesses drive more leads through digital marketing.
About 32° digital

We help brands find and cultivate the best digital channels to successfully forge meaningful relationships with customers.

Impactful digital brand representation and conversation happens when companies understand and engage with the consumer in clear and creative ways.

Every channel has a unique opportunity to capture customers. We understand and build strategy to expand successful channels.


We have a passion for understanding how consumers search and engage with digital assets. Our team will help you understand the motivation behind consumer’s search habits and create a plan to engage. We believe that brands can be impactful with the right allocation of resources, regardless of company or resource size. Our goal is to develop a plan that fits company’s resources but does not settle for second place.


Strategic engagement happens when brands understand what the consumer really wants. In any industry there are experts in content marketing, but the consumer is really the expert – they drive the conversation and they drive the engagement. We understand that consumers are ready to engage. Our strategy means that we lead brands in developing tools, assets, content, and outposts to facilitate engagement.


Analytics means you will understand which strategies work. Digital marketing has grown so much in the last 2 decades that digital insights can now lead strategy for offline strategies. We understand that the online and offline strategies need to work together and understanding user engagement and purchasing patterns means more business.


Consumers now demand that brands that leads with thought-leadership and advanced thinking. Content and Ads can be targeted so much that consumers actually appreciate and expect that experience. Increasing customer loyalty and engagement keeps your brand on top.