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Writing The Right Content

Writing The Right Content

Businesses have a gap to fill on their website and that gap is directly tied to the content that consumers are seeking.  By finding these gaps you will be able to provide valuable content to those seeking answers and you will improve your ability to rank well for keywords surrounding your business.  In the past decade many tools have popped up with the ability to understand how consumers are searching for products and services, but ultimately understanding how people will interact with your content and how they will find you helps you understand the type of content to write.

Content Research & Topic Choice Strategies

Researching the right content topics are important and when you know the related topics surrounding a larger topic, you will begin to create cornerstone content.  We like to use Google’s search tools to determine a starting place for content ideas but quickly moving into social channels we can understand the immediate relevancy of certain topics in today’s lexicon context. When you are in a competitive space, looking at competitor’s content is a great way to know how others are positioned in the marketplace and the realistic ability that you may have to out rank them in search results. In many industries seasonality is important to address in content, and in fact you may want to release content before the season really starts to hit so that your content can be shared and digested by the search engines sooner than later.  If you have content that annually changing but the same topic, consider having one page for that content rather than creating new pages each year. Solve a problem, include resources, me the new authority on a topic – readers what some value out of content, and so do search engines.

Content Effectiveness Testing Strategies

Testing the effectiveness of your content is just as important as picking the right topics. In fact, if you do write a piece of content but it’s not doing what you think it should be done – or rather it’s not driving traffic, sales, leads, etc – then you should consider whether you are targeting the right topic areas.  In competitive content arenas it will take time for content to start to perform, so don’t be afraid to shelve the analysis of content’s effectiveness for a few weeks or months. But, that being said, spend some time working on promoting it and giving your content a strong chance to perform.


Picking the right content topics to write about are important and understanding what the consumer is actually looking for will help you do that. Bringing your content analysis full circle with Google Analytics data or sales data helps to close the look on how effective your content really is at achieving your goals.

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At 32° Digital we help brands find, cultivate, and understand the best digital channels to forge meaningful relationships with customers. Impactful digital brand representation and conversation happens when you understand and engage with the consumer in clear and creative ways.