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Trends: Keyless Entry Systems for Hotel Rooms

Keyless Hotel Room Entry using smartphone

Trends: Keyless Entry Systems for Hotel Rooms

Technology is changing at a such a fast pace that hotels are quickly integrating technology changes into improved guest experience and flexibility.  Hotel executives are quick to jump on new tech ideas so that they can differentiate their hotel in the marketplace.  There are many different hotel door lock systems and hotel digital key systems for your hotel to consider.

If technology is to be integrated into a hotel’s experience, it must work and it must provide value.  “What’s really changed is that today it isn’t about giving the guest the technology,” says Wayne Goldberg, president and CEO of La Quinta Inns & Suites. “Today it’s about giving the guest the capability of leveraging all of the technology that they’re traveling with.”

Smartphones for Keyless Hotel Room Entry

Hotels are looking to your smart phone to be a multi-usage tool to enhance your travel experience.  The capabilities of your phone are endless and now you will be able to tap into your phone and use it to access your hotel room.   Guests want control of their own travel experience and now they are getting it.   Leading the way are Starwood, Virgin Hotels, Four Season, Marriott, and Hilton.

SPG Starwood’s bluetooth technology enables guests to unlock their hotel room by just holding your phone up to the room door.  Hilton Worldwide and Ceasars have plans to integrate their hotels with this technology int he next few months.

How does Keyless Hotel Room Phone Access work?

First, you have an app on your phone that enables a layer of security.  Guests will receive a mobile key via the app and this app will also allow guests to see if there are any room upgrades available or given.  Your room number will only appear on your phone when you request it on your phone – providing some level of security.   The front desk controls the IMEI (unique identifier for your phone and room number) so if you loose your phone or battery dies, you can still access your room securely.  Room keys can be shared with your spouse or others that you are traveling with.  Hotels are using keyless entry systems to provide security and add additional value to their customers.


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