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Put These 3 Winery Marketing Trends On Your Radar

Put These 3 Winery Marketing Trends On Your Radar

Millennials Change Wine Consumption Habits

Millennials and their wine consumption habits are changing how wineries market to consumers, but it’s also changing how wineries plan their production of wine and build their tasting rooms.  Millennials want to work remotely, and with that trend seeing not reversal, working at a winery tasting room for the day, over a bottle of wine with co-workers is a reality.  What may seem like a small piece of the market now, it can grow and it will grow as the consumption of wine by millennials is just getting started.  Taking a look at your options for this segment, it’s important to remember that they care more about the experience than the product in many cases – as long as the wine is good.   Funky labels and naming conventions tend to grab their attention and adding value to the wine tasting experience is key.

The Environment Matters – But So Does the Story

Environmental Factors matter to wine drinkers today – and it’s not just a label or logo on the bottle on wine – consumers want to know the story, hear from the wine makers, see the vineyard, and get their hands in the dirt!  Generally, companies that are Fairtrade, Demeter certified, Agriculture Biologique, FSC, 100# Organic, and B Corporation certified, sell more wine, and have the story to tell behind it.  The price that consumers are willing to pay for this segment of wines is higher, and, consumers are willing to spend more at wineries that they trust and believe in.

The Feeling Behind a Wine is Important

Speaking of stories…. The authenticity and stories behind the winery and the wine matter a lot today.  What’s behind the wine’s concept, where did the wine maker get the idea for this style?  Your senses are going to be overwhelmed by taste, smell and seeing the color, but how does this wine make your feel? Or rather, what feeling does this wine pair with, a relaxing summer day, a girlfriend’s weekend wine trip, an anniversary weekend, a holiday party?  Choosing the right way to tell a story, and at the right time, can make a huge impact in how successful your wine sales are.  Channels such as social media and your blog are a great place to start.

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