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Pet Friendly Hotel Marketing

Pet Friendly Hotel Marketing

With more than 74 million pet owners in the United States, it is natural that many of them want their pet family members to travel with them when they take a trip and to be welcomed as guests. Hotel chains are recognizing this fact of life and offering pet amenities to those animals who are traveling with their people. Check out these Pet Friendly Hotel Marketing examples:

Kimpton Hotels: Kimpton Hotels welcome pets whether they are “furry, feathery or scaly.” There is no extra charge and no limitations. If the pet can walk through the door, it is welcome. For pet travelers, beds are provided in guest rooms along with water bowls and food. The hotels provide lists of restaurants that are pet-friendly as well as the location of pet parks and groomers. Door hangars alert staff and other guests that a pet is in the room. Pets are welcomed and provided snacks at the people’s evening wine reception.

Choice Hotels: Choice Hotels has a list of nearly 3,500 hotels around the world that will accommodate pets. It helps people find pet-friendly cities and where to find hotels with the best pet amenities and nearby dog parks. Also offered are tips for traveling with pets, whether traveling by trains, planes or automobiles and what information to get from the hotel before the stay.

W Hotels:  All U.S. W Hotels accept pets that weigh less than 40 pounds. Larger pets may be accepted if the hotel manager gives permission. Pet owners are given a welcome kit with all the information needed to make the stay comfortable. Some hotels may charge a deposit, but they also provide luxury pet beds and other pet-friendly amenities.

Including all members of the family, include dogs and cats, has been a growing trend for hotels lately. There are even a few hotels that specifically allow pets and have built a brand around being a pet friendly hotel.

If your hotel is pet friendly and you would like to position your hotel better in the local hospitality and tourism market, we can help.


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