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Build Culture Around Digital Marketing In Your Company

Build Culture Around Digital Marketing In Your Company

Your SEO team just spent the week analyzing the different technical aspects of your website, finding issues to be fixed and creating new ideas to optimize content.

No one knows why you spend time working 301 Redirects and Schema Markup.

It’s time to change how you communicate the digital marketing wins within your company so that everyone understands what you’re doing and how it impacts their department and goals.

Working with clients over the last 2 decades I have seen a need to create a better understanding of digital marketing within a company’s culture – in fact, it needs to be part of the culture.  I see 3 main areas where you can win in communicating better within your company and its stake holders.

Create Structure & Identify Leaders

First, you need to understand what each person in your company is trying to do in their job and how what you are working on impacts them.  Working with key department managers and leaders will help you figure whom the important people are to educate.  Creating a structure to communicate the projects that you are working on is critical.  You may have quarterly or monthly meetings with the executive team, but that’s not enough!   Realize when you have a ‘win’ that is sharable to the larger group and start communicating those wins regularly.  You will not only be more visible but more importantly, you will start to identify champions of the projects that you are working on. Additionally, you can gauge the level of interest and understanding that leaders in your organization have around the digital marketing topics that you talk about.

Share Data & Create Visibility

Second, creating the data that you want to share will require you to consider the level of understand and need for certain types of data by different people.  A CEO may care about top line data that directly is influencing their yearly goals, while a marketing directory will need more specific data so that they stay informed about progress and are also have new ideas at their fingertips.

These are a few ideas for sharing digital marketing data and creating more visibility around your campaign include:

Quarterly SEO digital marketing work sessions take this opportunity to share the technical and non-technical aspects of search engine optimization. Share the latest news in the industry, share how your website is performing and how changes in the website are affecting the user experience.  Share the top content – even better, share the visibility that content written by other people in the company is garnering – they will love seeing the results of their hard work!

Customer Service Feedback How many times does someone in customer service receive a question that is not addressed on our website? Probably more often than you think, and that’s a great opportunity to create new content.  Can your customer service team be more effective and quicker to resolve issues if they were more active in social media? Probably.

Sales Team Feedback Does your sales team receive emails and calls all day long from people asking about how the product or services work? Yes – it’s time to get that feedback and turn those questions into content.  If your sales team goes out to visit with customers, tag along with them next quarter and start collecting content ideas so that you can create better content.

Remember: if someone is asking a question on email or the phone, they probably searched Google for the answer first. Use that as a content creation opportunity.

Educate & Motivate Team Members

Third, making sure that your team members are educated about digital marketing and motivated to do more with your department is a key part of creating a better digital marketing culture and awareness in your organization.   It’s easy to bring up topics that they may find interesting – different departments will be interested in the most popular keywords that are driving business.  Sharing the company’s web presence history and major changes are a great idea so that every knows the history and future plans for the website.  Create a quick crash course on Google Analytics to let your organization know the important metrics on the site and how visitors are accessing certain content.  If you are generating leads with your website, what is the best conversion pathway, and why does that lead funnel work best?

Educating team members is the first hurdle, motivating them to create content and share it with you will create an opportunity for them to fully be immersed in digital marketing within your company. For one of our hotel clients, we recently saw a 35% increase in Trip Advisor ratings when the Customer Service, Hotel Front desk, and Operations teams were informed about how their service impacts the Trip Advisor Reviews. They now receive a weekly report highlighting reviews & customer feedback, and this gives them ownership of the reviews and creates more visibility within the company.

Better digital marketing culture is good for your business

Utilize the 3 strategies of Creating Structure & Identify Leaders, Sharing Data & Creating More Visibility, Educating & Motivating Team Members; and your company will be better informed of the projects and importance of the work that your team is doing.  Not only will you have a higher level of understanding but you will know who your champions of digital are, and you will likely identify some very passionate digital marketing allies.






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