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4 Digital Marketing Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

4 Digital Marketing Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

Schema markup is such an important SEO element to any website, especially a local business that wants to garner more traffic. Learn how the brand elements within your organization can be used to create a stronger schema markup environment, how image gallery optimization can be helped, and how app schema markup is important, and finally how people can be optimized around with schema markup.

Read how to do more with Schema.

Recently, Google rolled out the ability for local businesses to add a category of services to their Google My Business account. This is important if you are a business with many different service lines or are in a very competitive region for your businesses’ services.

Read about the new Google My Business changes for services update.

Responding to reviews can improve your paid Search Click Through Rates and Conversions, says a new study. Location3 found that Businesses in the lowest grouping had an average 3.31 stars, translating into an average conversion rate of 10.42 percent. And the best-rated segment had an average of 4.96 stars, translating into a 12.83 percent conversion rate.

Read the review + conversions study. recently made big changes to the business model, moving away from the directory style site and into a direct booking site. This comes as the site was acquired in the past few years and now they are leveraging their strong membership base. As a bed and breakfast trying to increase your traffic and sales, you’re likely going to see a reduction of traffic to your site and a reduction of SEO value pointing to your site from theirs. On the positive site you will only pay for bookings and have some connections with HomeAway/Expedia.

Read about the changes.

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