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3 Ways that PR Strategies Intersect with Social Media, SEO, Paid Search

3 Ways that PR Strategies Intersect with Social Media, SEO, Paid Search

I was recently asked how PR strategies and digital marketing are colliding and what can be learned from PR strategies and applied to areas like Social Media, SEO, and Paid Search.  These are 3 stories ideas that may help you think differently about PR strategies and how to apply them to your marketing plan.


PR & Social Media Are Blending Quickly

SEO For Jewelry StoreWhen social media platforms began their increased popularity, not many advertising opportunities were available. Now, Facebook and many other social platforms have a built out advertising platform that allows even deeper advertising strategies than what you might find in Google. In fact, I think Facebook may know more about is than Google, at least the data they know about our habits and interests are more valuable.  We recently worked with a local jewelry store that was having a family member buy out the business and needed to quickly liquidate their assets to lower the cost of the purchase price.  We jumped at the idea to blend this PR news story with a social media selling strategy.  By utilizing Facebook’s custom audiences and lookalike audience advertising, we were able to take 10 years of customer data and create a very targeted campaign to reach out to previous customers.  We use language in the ads that was not used anywhere else. With tracking metrics, we were able to track back close to $50,000 worth of in store sales and over $100,000 in online ecommerce sales. We were surprised how well this campaign worked, as it run for 3 months and had a total advertising cost of about $4,500.  The long term value that this campaign helped create is still being realized as we see return customers every day!

PR Research Drives Ecommerce Data – Discover The Keywords That Perform Well

Most e-commerce platforms that someone might be working within, whether it’s WordPress or Squarespace, have SEO functionality built into them. You will be able to implement title tags, and tag your images. But by simply adding in SEO elements, you won’t necessarily gain traffic from the implementation. The missing piece is strategy. Sitting down with your team and figuring out how people are searching for the products that you sell is extremely important. Often times people search for products and what they do or what they can solve, rather than what they actually are. That is an important set of keywords to address when you look at creating a keyword optimization strategy for your eCommerce site.


Focus on SEO & Paid Search Together For Better Results

Marrying up your SEO strategy with your paid search strategy, can mean that you will save money over time and have a more informed eCommerce SEO strategy for your business. When you use Google AdWords or other Ad platforms, you are able to Target keywords and understand the search volume that happens for those keywords, but more importantly you are able to test different landing pages and user experiences to see what combination converts the best. Taking the data from Google AdWords and applying it to your SEO campaign, you now know the keywords that you should be targeting that drive the most qualified traffic, and the user experience that will drive the best conversion rate on your website.  When we work with clients, one thing that we like to do, even if we are only working on an SEO campaign, is to put together a small ad campaign to test out these strategies.


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