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Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA

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Account and Project Management For Digital Marketing

Manage Your Digital Marketing More Effectively

Digital Account Management is a unique role with data at our fingertips that translates to key business decisions. Just like a CEO, Account Management sets the correct expectations, and listens to the requirements and the needs for a business. Taking those needs we then put a plan of action into place that allows us to understand the breath of a campaign’s needs and how to translate tactics into successful strategies.

We have a familiarity with key technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Flash and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Expression Engine. We are experts in translating information that a CEO needs versus a Marketing Director or a Campaign Coordinator. Our strong communication skills means that we can work closely with internal company departments such as IT, Public Relations, Marketing, and Executives. We are experts in anticipating problems before they occur and have a keen eye for recognizing new opportunities and bringing them to light.

We are mindful of resources – time and money – so that projects stay on-time and within budget constraints.